Tokyo,An ideal home where prosperity and tranquility coexist.

After staying in Tokyo for a long time,

I naturally chose to settle down in Tokyo.

I bought a villa in the city, which cost about 20 million JPY.

I am quite picky about my residence,

The reason I chose Tokyo is because of its prosperity, internationalization, and abundant opportunities…

This is a photo I took on the streets of Shibuya in Tokyo,

Busy yet orderly,

It doesnt give a sense of chaos.

This is the Asakusa area of Tokyo,

One of Tokyos oldest urban areas,

Nowadays, it has been renovated a lot due to the Tokyo Skytree.

This is a small alley next to the urban area of Tokyo,

Busy yet

Filled with tranquility.

This is the Odaiba area of Tokyo,

A popular dating spot, where prices are not very high

A place where you can meet beautiful girls without spending too much money, who wouldnt like that?

Ikebukuro in Tokyo,

The area with the most Chinese people,

Mostly Chinese, some areas are a bit dirty and messy,

But overall, its still orderly.

Near Sugamo,

Its rare to see traffic jams in Japan that make it impossible to move forward.