Nail in the coffin of Narita Airport Toho Shrine

This is one of the strangest shrines in the world, built over the head of Narita Airport’s runway 34R, but not managed by the airport.
Planes skim over it at 15 metres/50 feet and it looks spectacular from the ground.
But if you’ve been on a flight that used to go to Narita Airport and felt like you always had to taxi away for a long time after you landed.
You should think of this famous nailbiter, as it forced planes to make a big loop to get back to the terminal.

This nail house is the famous Toho Shrine of Toho Shrine.

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Looking at its location on Google Maps, it’s only a few dozen metres from the runway head, I think.

I’ve never had the chance to visit Dongfeng Shrine because I used to hear that it was heavily guarded and there were always police officers checking back and forth.
But recently, things seem to be getting better, so I drove over with a friend today to check it out.
We put a few coins into the shrine and prayed to the local gods to keep the passengers safe, land on time and go home smoothly.

I took a picture with my camera equipment, wireless receiver and the shrine.

Beyond the shrine is the airport, the road into the shrine is blocked by a high wall to protect aviation security, fortunately there is a car park that can accommodate a few cars.

An Airbus 320 of Japan’s Rakuto Airlines, photographed between high walls.
This one is a bit spooky, as if a few people were worshipping the passing plane, performing some sort of mystical religious ritual.

Here are a few more photos that I can still see, because I went there a little late and the light was a little close to the correct amount of light.

An American Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F passed overhead, a spectacular though brief moment.
Couldn’t see the approach of the aircraft, because of the high wall separating them.
I could only listen to the conversation between the tower control and the pilot, and judge the distance by the sound of the engine.

The aircraft suddenly appeared in the field of vision, and then immediately focus and press the shutter.
If the shutter is a fraction of a second slower, the photo will look like this, but rest assured, every flight is safe.

Here’s a good place to compare the various model sizes instead:
Aeroflot Boeing 777-300

Singapore Cool Air Boeing 787-9

American Federal Express, Alitalia and Cool Air Boeing 777-200

Malaysia Air Asia Airbus 330-300

Korea Jeju Airlines Boeing 737-800

To be honest, although Toho Shrine is very famous.
But it’s extremely difficult to photograph, and it really doesn’t lend itself to Spotting-style aeroplane photos.
Everyone also took some souvenir photos and then left in droves.

Toho Shrine on Google Maps